Meet the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon Team Minding Your Mind

Minding Your Mind was honored to have been named an Official Charity Partner for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon, the world’s most popular marathon, taking place on November 5, 2023.

Team Minding Your Mind for 2023 is made up of 12 individuals, each of whom has a person story of why the mission of Minding Your Mind connects with them and inspired them to run the TCS NYC Marathon. Collectively, Team Minding Your Mind will raise more than $34,000 for mental health education and suicide prevention programs throughout the country. We are so grateful for their dedication to this cause and confidence in our programs.

There are a few who are still actively fundraising; if you are considering making a donation to Minding Your Mind this year, please help these runners reach their goals.

Click on each photo below to read more about the runner and the story behind their connection to our mission.


I run to challenge myself and to push my body to new limits. I run for my physical health and general fitness. I run for my mental health and for the clarity that comes along with it. I run for fun. I run for LJ. 
This is my second time running NYC…although 12 years (and several pounds) later. For me, running with MYM is deeply personal and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to have been invited to join the team. 
My little brother, LJ, struggled with his mental health for a good part of his short life. He found his final peace on September 22, 2020, at the young age of 26. LJ was a fun-loving, rambunctious, charismatic and thoughtful as a child and young adult. He had enough energy to do just about anything. Fourteen years my junior, he often found joy running circles around me, several times quite literally during our 5k fun-runs together. His adolescence brought a lot of change and unfortunately the resources he needed just didn’t seem accessible or perhaps we just didn’t know how much he was hurting. Running allows for a lot of time to think and I often use that time to focus on the countless beautiful moments we shared over the years. 
No child or young adult should ever feel alone in this world. Each of our personal journeys come along with struggle and challenge. My hope is that everyone in need has access to resources, support, kindness and love to thrive and to live life to its fullest.  Partnering with Team MYM is my small way of helping to connect resources with those in need.
Bring it on 26.2! 

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As a medical student and future pediatrician, I have seen firsthand the importance of access to mental health care and resources. Minding your Mind’s goals to reduce stigma around mental health and normalize seeking help can be so impactful for adolescents. I am so excited to run for this cause.

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My name is Alex and the 2022 New York City Marathon was where my running journey began. As someone who always watched runners from the sidelines, jealous of their ability, that day I changed my narrative. Following the race (November 7, 2022), I laced up my shoes for the first time in years and went out for my first mile. It took me almost a half an hour, but I got it done! Since then, I have had one goal and it is to run the 2023 New York City Marathon. The same race that inspired this journey. 
After doing research on race opportunities, I came across Team Minding Your Mind and said, “Finally, something I am actually passionate about.” As someone who has battled against my own negative self-talk for years, finding a group that helps people also in the fight each day meant the world to me. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay, and let’s break the silence of these battles through education and conversation! This marathon is not just my journey, but thousands of steps to help others along their journey as well. 
And never forget, keep smiling 🙂 

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As a relative newcomer to world running, I have been amazed by the positive effects it has had on my life. At the end of the COVID-19 pandemic I, like many others, found that I was coming out of lockdown physically out of shape and struggling mentally to cope with the isolation that we had endured. In January 2022 I attempted to go for an easy run through Central Park and found myself out of breath one mile later. Though I never enjoyed running this signaled a sharp decline in my physical health, having always prided myself on being relatively athletic. I remember the instant feelings of embarrassment and disappointment knowing that I desperately needed to make a change in my life. The next day I signed myself up for the 2022 Brooklyn Half-Marathon as a challenge to prove to myself I could overcome my disdain for running. Flash forward less than two years later and I am now in the middle of training for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon.

Along the way I’ve encountered an immense sense of positive mental health and have been introduced to a community that I never realized had existed. More and more each year I understand the true importance of maintaining a healthy mind through the challenges I have faced in my own life as well as those I care most about. Much of my personal learning about my own mental health came from the realization that growing up in the 90’s there were simply not enough resources nor awareness being spread surrounding this growing issue. In my adult life I have seen the devastating effects these challenges can have on people when left untreated properly, sadly including some people extremely close to me. I know that I would have benefited greatly if there had been more active communication and direct education present in our school systems and communities. This is why I’ve decided to team with Minding Your Mind in efforts to raise funds and help spread awareness of the incredible work they are doing. I know that I personally would have benefited greatly from their services and lectures if I had been exposed to an organization like them growing up and I hope I can help do my part by giving this cause as much exposure as I can.

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I initially wanted to run the marathon to challenge myself and then wanted to join Team Minding Your Mind after I read about their mission. Mental health has been something I have struggled with in various ways since the age of 13. I was lucky enough to have a mom to help me through my challenges and find me the appropriate resources. Not everyone is as fortunate as I was, to have someone in their corner and recognize the need for help. This is why I am especially proud to be running on behalf of an organization whose focus hits so close to home.

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I have always been a competitive person looking for a challenge. Growing up I played just about every sport that included a ball, and went on to play football at Williams College. After graduating in 2020, I began running more to stay in shape, and to fill the void of having no competitive sports anymore. 
When I am training, typically in Central Park or on the West Side Highway in NYC, running gives me an outlet to clear my head from work and relax from a mental standpoint. I love running with friends, pushing each other to improve our distance and time. 
Support, awareness and education for mental health is a very important cause for me and many of those who I am closest to. For the last few years, one of my closest family members has been facing mental health challenges with impressive resilience and strength. It has been my #1 priority to be there for him and to show my support in any way I can. Running the NYC marathon and raising money for Minding Your Mind has been a great way for me to do this. I am grateful to be representing an organization that is making such a meaningful impact on many lives. 

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I am honored to run the New York City Marathon with team Minding Your Mind. I suffered severe postpartum depression after giving birth to two beautiful girls. This was a story that was kept untold for many years because of the stigma that comes with sharing about your own mental illness. I am a person who thinks that I should not need help. But I desperately needed help. 

During my postpartum depression, I went seven months of having suicidal ideation before I finally called my doctor. The thoughts of suicide felt normal to me yet isolating from the rest of the world. I thought this was something to live with. Thanks to therapy, medication, community and the sport of running, I have entered a new world of feeling whole.  

By sharing my own story, I hope to inspire others to openly talk about their own difficulties.  I feel encouraged by the work that Minding Your Mind is doing in both the schools and the workplace.  There is no other charity that I could feel more honored to partner with. 

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