Meet Team Minding Your Mind for the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon

Minding Your Mind was honored to have been named an Official Charity Partner for the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon, the world’s most popular marathon, taking place on November 6, 2022.

This year, we had more inquiries to run on behalf of Minding Your Mind than ever before. The 2022 Team Minding Your Mind is made up of eleven women, ten with our guaranteed entries as a Charity Partner, and one who received a bib through the lottery and chose to raise funds for us on her own. Together, these women will raise over $30,000 for mental health education and suicide prevention programs throughout the country. We are humbled and grateful for their connection to our mission and confidence in our programs.

Each came with their own reasons why our mission resonated with them and inspired them to put their all into this year’s marathon. There are a few who are still actively fundraising for the $3,000 pledge they made; if you are considering making a donation to Minding Your Mind this year, please help these runners reach their goals.

Click on each photo below to read more about the runner and the story behind their connection to our mission.


Suicide prevention is a cause that’s incredibly important to Julia. She contacted MYM, inspired about the opportunity to fundraise for a cause she truly cares about while training for the marathon. Donate to Julia here

Amory is a psychiatric nurse at MGH in Boston, and she connected to Minding Your Mind to run for mental health awareness. Donate to Amory here.

Megan has been supporting MYM since 2016 and decided to put her efforts this year into raising funds for the marathon on behalf of MYM. Donate to Megan here.

Ava chose to join Team Minding Your Mind to run for a cause that means a lot to her. Donate to Ava here.

Lane, Elle, and Maren are sisters who decided to run together in memory of their mother, Gwen. Their goal was to partner with a charity around mental health, as it is a cause near and dear to all of their hearts. You can read more about their mom and donate to Lane here, Elle here, and Maren here.

Bryn wanted to run the marathon to raise awareness for mental health and reduce the stigma around it. In her experience as a college athlete, mental health was undermined and undervalued compared to physical health and strength. She wants to promote these important conversations within college athletics and remind athletes of all ages that mental health is just as important as physical health! It’s okay not to be okay and to ask for help. Bryn wants to be a part of promoting the conversations, not suppressing them! 

Bryn hopes her fundraising efforts will allow for more students to hear Minding Your Mind’s presentations and learn to be attentive and caring of their mental wellness. Donate to Bryn here.

Erica entered the marathon through the lottery and decided on her own to raise funds for a cause around mental health. She has worked with youth in the past and was inspired by the work MYM does with students. Read Erica’s story and donate to her here.

Jolene lives in Hawaii and has run marathons all over the world. She found MYM when looking for a charity for mental health. Donate to Jolene here.

Victoria clicked endlessly through the charities on the marathon website, looking for one that deals specifically with suicide prevention training and was so happy to find Minding your Mind. She has a B.A & M.S in psychology and holds mental health awareness very closely in her heart. Donate to Victoria here.