13 Random Acts of Kindness

Minding Your Mind is teaming up with a Pennsylvania high school student to help spread mental health awareness. A few years ago, Dylan Fox created the 13 Random Acts of Kindness project. He asked friends and family to join him in doing acts of kindness in order to bring some light to someone’s day and spread mental health awareness. In response to the struggles he is seeing and hearing from classmates during the pandemic, Dylan has decided to revive the project and partner with Minding Your Mind to expand the impact. We will share the acts across our social media channels. We hope that this message from Dylan will inspire you to participate:

“My name is Dylan Fox and I’m a rising senior at Harriton High School (PA). I’m currently working with 12- and 13-year-olds by guiding them through the process of spreading kindness for their Mitzvah projects. I created this project called 13 Random Acts of Kindness when I was 13 and now I’m paying it forward and hoping to multiply the acts of kindness. My goal is to continue to work with lots of students throughout the year and come up with unique and meaningful ideas for each individual student. I’ve worked with local students in both public and private schools to do good for our community, the nation, and world. The impact my project has had on the students and organizations we’ve supported is unbelievable to witness. This experience has been truly rewarding for myself, my students and organizations. Let’s make this world a better place by one kind act at a time.”

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