Minding Your Mind Presents Mental Health Education Program at Aon Empower Results Day

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Minding Your Mind participated in the Aon Empower Results Day with a 90-minute presentation designed to educate adults on basic mental health issues and how they impact daily life in the workplace, at home, and during interactions with others.

Sheila Gillin, LCSW and clinical director for Minding Your Mind, opened the discussion with information about the most common causes and effects of stress and anxiety, negative and positive coping skills, the symptoms of depression, what is considered a crisis, the warning signs most often associated with self-harm and suicide, and how to help someone who is experiencing a mental health issue or crisis.

Sheila was followed by Kelly Moriarty, one of Minding Your Mind’s Young Adult Speakers. Kelly shared her personal story of lived experience with a mental health issue and life in active recovery, providing relatable instances of how her negative thoughts turned into feelings of self-loathing that became negative actions and addictive behaviors. Once she entered treatment, learned the language necessary to express her feelings, and recognized that she wasn’t alone and help was available, Kelly began her journey of recovery that has brought her to live a happy, healthy life complete with self-care and hope.

Following their presentations, Sheila and Kelly led an active and insightful Q&A with Aon’s colleagues and spent time one-on-one with individuals who had further comments or questions.

Aon is a global professional services company that provides risk, retirement and health consulting. Aon has approximately 500 offices worldwide, serving 120 countries with 50,000 employees. In 2011, Aon was ranked as the largest insurance broker in the world based on revenue.

To learn how to bring one of Minding Your Mind’s Corporate Wellness programs to your workplace, please contact Andrew Onimus, director of corporate programs, at andrew@mindingyourmind.org or (610) 642-3879.

Minding Your Mind’s hosts at Aon Philadelphia, pictured with MYM team members (L-R): David Bennink (Aon), Douglas Wheeler (Aon), Sheila Gillin (MYM), Marissa Marschall (MYM), Kelly Moriarty (MYM) Barry Weiner (Aon), Jack Reich (Aon), Judi Santarelli (Aon).