Meghan was born in a meghan_hubbard small New England town and spent most of her days creating sculptures and expressing herself through song and dance. Anxiety and stress were a part of Meghan’s life as early as kindergarten. Her struggles took a drastic change during her teenage years when the social pressure in school and tensions at home started to increase. During this time Meghan developed negative coping skills in an attempt to deal with the sabotaging self-talk and body image. As tensions rose, so did Meghan’s feelings of anxiety and depression.

At the age of sixteen while a junior and a junior in high school, Meghan reached a point of crisis and desperation. She was faced with a decision: does she get help or to continue down a path of self-harm and substance use? To go forward as she was meant death by suicide, but without the tools to ask for help, Meghan felt like she was alone with no hope or direction. In crisis and without support, Meghan experienced a bottom where she had to ask for help.

Through professional and peer-based support, Meghan reached a place of stability. Today, Meghan has well-developed positive coping skills and a strong support system to manage anything that comes her way. She enjoys living an abundant life, happy to be in a place where she can share her story and show others that achieving goals is always possible.

Meghan is based in Boston, MA. Speaking engagements beyond 120 miles may require a fee for travel expenses.