Ali Tomlinson

Ali always identified as a go-getter, a disciplined achiever, and a hard working student and athlete that believed in pushing through and excelling, no matter what the challenge.  As a lifelong sports fanatic, competitor, and former Ivy League collegiate athlete, she welcomed every opportunity to experience the world through movement and physical expression.

However, during her sophomore year at Cornell, a shoulder injury left her sidelined, unable to compete, and lost. Without her sport, she felt as though she had lost her identity and her only safe place. Separated from the only healthy coping mechanism she had, the decades of silent suffering with chronic anxiety, negative body image issues, and self-loathing came to a head. Desperately trying to find a way back to her sport and escape her negative thoughts, Ali’s mental and physical health suffered as she engaged in restrictive eating and over-exercise in an effort to cope and regain a sense of control and identity. Upon graduating and stepping into the corporate fast lane, her struggle continued. She was unable to find balance or to harness the competitive drive and passionate pursuit of “achievement,” and ultimately, burned out. She was physically and mentally depleted.

Having sacrificed her physical and mental health, Ali knew it was time for major change; it was time to speak up and get help. She wanted to get back on track, find alignment, and heal – mentally, physically and emotionally. She committed to recovery, found the right support team, and dove into the practice and daily work of restoring her physical, mental, and emotional health.  Through her healing journey she founded IN-Power Performance Coaching. She currently works with athletes, groups, and individuals seeking to build healthy mind and body relationships that support their happiest, healthiest, and most successful lives.