Just Talk About It

This Suicide Prevention Toolkit is designed to train both adults and youth on how to assist adolescents who exhibit signs of suicidal ideation and has been approved by the Best Practices National Registry, Section III: Adherence to Standards.

The interactive presentation is designed to promote factual knowledge, promote discussion, ease communication and enlighten teachers, parents and students to the warning signs of mental health issues in adolescents and teens.

What You Will Learn

At the completion of the training program, individuals are able to identify the following:

  • what is considered a crisis
  • how stress affects a teenager
  • the symptoms of depression
  • the warning signs most often associated with suicide
  • how to help a student and/or friend

After identifying an adolescent who is at risk for suicide, trained adults or students are able to approach and question the individual about their condition and persuade them to seek help. Following an adolescent’s agreement to accept help, the trained individual is able to take the appropriate measures to refer the person for treatment and/or the appropriate trained adult, counselor, or teacher.

The primary goal of the awareness process is to increase the knowledge about suicide and depression while increasing the number of times a student self–reports and engages in help-seeking behavior.

This program is most often presented during teacher in-service days, at educational conferences, and to Parent Teacher Organizations. Additionally, the program can be tailored to present to middle school through college-level students.

All Minding Your Mind speakers are certified to facilitate this program.