Mindfulness for Teachers

A workshop geared toward the professional, this one- or two-hour session will provide an overview of mindfulness in education. Your school’s staff will benefit by learning from our instructors on the what, why, and how of mindfulness in the classrooms.

Introducing Mindfulness: what it is, its history, and what neuroscience and ongoing research say about its benefits.

Teacher Use: managing teacher stress to help prevent burnout, while at the same time using mindfulness to build a strong classroom culture.

Mindfulness Techniques: practice techniques that can be used with students and in self-practice to create understanding and increase well-being.

This workshop is an excellent starting point for staff members to further explore their own practices and connect with resources that will help bring mindfulness into their classrooms. Options are available for more in-depth sessions and can be planned with our instructors.

To schedule a program for your organization, please use our Book A Speaker form.