IN-Power Performance Program

The body will go to that place the mind thinks of most.

Appropriate for any athletic team, school club, and academic organization, the IN-Power Performance Program is designed to help students to perform at their highest levels to achieve personal and collective goals.

An IN-Power Performance Program explores four major pathways to success:

  • building sound mind and body connections
  • integrating usage of positive psychology, meditation and Restorative yoga
  • mental and emotional training designed to harness the power of the mind to ensure optimal levels of health, happiness, and success
  • deep physical and mental relaxation and restoration to ensure the highest levels of performance

As part of Minding Your Mind’s mindfulness program offerings, the IN-Power Performance Program can be scheduled as a stand-alone, single session or an eight-week series. There is an option available to include a program for parents, who often are key participants in determining students’ experiences in incorporating IN-Power into their daily lives.


A pilot study with athletes at the University of Pennsylvania showed the IN-Power Performance Program was proven effective for:

  • significantly reducing stress
  • increasing sense of calm
  • increasing sense of ease
  • increasing sense of overall happiness and well-being

“The restorative yoga was a crucial part of my weekly routine. It helped me decompress mentally, as well as physically rest and rejuvenate my body.”

“I really enjoy the sessions and have seen benefits both mentally and physically, my coach even mentioned that I seemed to be a lot happier and in a better place this season.”

“The restorative yoga sessions were unbelievably helpful! It gave me a place and opportunity to calm down and relax and not worry about the daily stresses. The peaceful feeling I got while meditating lasted for several days afterwards and impacted all areas of my life and brought a renewed energy into my life. I performed the best on the two days of trials that were the day after a yoga session. The one that didn’t follow yoga, was, frankly, awful and my coach even noticed the lack of energy in the room.”

Meet the founder and facilitator of IN-Power Performance, Minding Your Mind speaker Ali Tomlinson.

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