Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what is happening around us, moment to moment. Mindfulness helps children by teaching them how to manage their emotions, decrease stress and anxiety, and redirect their energy in a positive way. Individuals who practice mindfulness often find it helps facilitate focus and attention. Imagine a classroom full of students who have these skills and understanding – what a calm environment and better place for learning!

A growing body of research and neurosciences shows many benefits of mindfulness:

  • better focus and concentration
  • increased sense of calm
  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • enhanced physical and mental health
  • improved impulse control
  • increased emotional regulation
  • enhanced empathy and understanding of others
  • development of natural conflict resolution skills

Minding Your Mind’s mindfulness programs take a multi-tiered approach, addressing social and emotional skills, mindfulness practices, as well as the individual and how he or she functions within the community. Our sessions and workshops are structured with this format in mind: Information: lessons about mindfulness; Practice: mindfulness techniques; Share: connecting and sharing experience

Minding Your Mind instructors will collaborate with school staff and study the school’s particular needs in order to ensure they are addressed within the content of our program. The number of classes per series and the duration can be selected by the school with guidance provided by our instructors. Sessions are both didactic and experiential, and a variety of age-appropriate games and activities are utilized to understand and assimilate the class topics.

Programs for Students

Programs for Teachers

Meet Our Mindfulness Instructors

The mindfulness instructors of Minding Your Mind are trained by well-respected organizations and individuals, including: Mindful Schools, the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, and Learning to Breathe with Patricia Broderick, Ph.D. All of our mindfulness instructors are required to have a well-established mindfulness practice and bring their own unique experience and style to our programs. Meet our team and read more about them here.

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