In-School Clubs


Minding Your Mind has created an opportunity for students to bring mental health awareness to their schools by creating a Minding Your Mind School Club. This program can be implemented at middle schools, high schools, or on college campuses.

School clubs are designed to be run by students with at least one advisor who is a member of school personnel. The student leaders create initiatives to conduct various activities within the school community that follow the Minding Your Mind mission of ending stigma and destructive behaviors associated with mental health issues. The activities support the school community in becoming more aware of their own mental health, encouraging peer support, learning the availability of helpful resources, and spreading the message that no student is alone in any struggle.

Each club will have the opportunity to participate in our Peer Support Seminar, which will allow students to gain useful tools for Active Listening, learn the importance of Positive vs. Negative Coping, become aware of the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis in fellow students, and learn the steps to get a someone help from a trusted teacher, counselor, parent, or adult. 


How to Start a Club

  1. Choose an Advisor: We believe it is important that students have an adult role model to help support the students’ efforts and the mission of the Minding Your Mind Club.
  2. Register your Club: Please click the “Register Your Club” link to fill out the registration form.images


Club Information and Minding Your Mind Contact

Minding Your Mind is committed to supporting our clubs in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Club advisors, please be sure to click the “Register Your Club” link to fill out the form to register.  

For questions, please contact Mollye Readinger-Scott, director of outreach, at

Examples of Minding Your Mind Club Activities and Events:

  • Blue “Gene” Day – Teachers wear blue jeans on a particular day. This activity is meant to raise awareness of the Blue Gene that is known as the genetic factor to a mental health diagnosis. Teachers can offer a donation that can be used to support Minding Your Mind speaker presentations during the school year.
  • Get The Monkey Off Your Back – This activity allows students to anonymously share issues, troubles, or stressful situations affecting them. This allows the student body to see what other classmates shared and learn they are not alone.
  • Umatter – This activity is similar to get “The Monkey Off Your Back,” but allows students to spread inspirational messages around the school.
  • 1 in 4 – Selling/providing a snack bag that demonstrates and explains that one in four students will suffer from a mental health issue. Different color cupcakes or Oreos work well. This event can be used as a fundraiser to help support Minding Your Mind speaker presentations during the school year.
  • Digits Out of Darkness – set up a station where every student can learn signs of suicide ideation and help students and adult can add the National Suicide Hotline and Crisis Text Line into their phones.
  • Be the One Day – student give stickers to faculty, students, and staff members that they trust and feel are encouraging and supportive
  • Mindfulness Moments Week – start each class with a moment for mindfulness and survey students and teachers at the end of the week to see if there was an impact in feelings and performance